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Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Vancouver, B.C. - April 1, 2015
Equinox moves offices

We are moving our offices - but we are still in the neighbourhood. Our new space is right across the street, with a lot more room to allow us to continue to expand and support our growing CROW customer base. [more]


Enterprise Model Platform

The Equinox Enterprise Model is a development platform for your enterprise-class application that will return multiple dividends by reducing risk in the implementation, shortening time to production, and minimizing the cost of maintenance.


  • you are addressing a business challenge and your solution relies on the successful implementation of information technology,
  • you have surveyed the market for software products that match your requirements but found their limited flexibility does not allow for an economically feasible customization,
  • you have begun the process of evaluating your software development options but are concerned about how to ensure your application will continue to match changing business requirements as your business environment changes, or
  • you are responsible for making an IT investment that will continue to deliver business value and ROI over the long term at a low total cost of ownership—

—then you need to know more about the Equinox Enterprise Model.


The Equinox Enterprise Model is a leading-edge database-layer application development platform. It is a key component and critical to the foundation of a successful software application development project.

The Enterprise Model empowers an enterprise to easily and flexibly define, create, and extend the business model that it uses as the foundation for core business applications.


  • Significantly accelerates the modeling and development stages of your software implementation project.
  • Helps ensure that your application successfully matches your business requirements.
  • Embeds maximum flexibility in your application so that it can be adapted to future changes in your business environment at the lowest cost.
  • Ultimately maximizes the ongoing business value and ROI of your IT asset.


For further information on the Enterprise Model Platform, please refer to the links on the left.



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