A higher intelligence in outage management and logging.

Introducing CROW. The most advanced and configurable outage management and logging system for electric utilities in Transmission, Generation, Distribution, as well as Independent System Operators, Power Pools, Reliability Coordinators, Cooperatives and more.

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30 times around the sun
and counting...

Equinox celebrates its 30th year in business. Our software solutions have been helping to keep the lights on in homes and businesses throughout North America for over three decades.

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Unique software systems for the electric utility industry.

Equinox Software Design Corporation is a North American renown provider of enterprise software solutions to the electric utility industry, and has a proven ability to deliver and support powerful products in major mission-critical implementations with Transmission, Distribution and Generation functions at large utilities, ISOs, RTOs, RCs and Cooperatives. Our primary focus is operations outage scheduling, coordination, logging, switching, and managing reliability and asset data.

30 years of proven expertise.

For more than 30 years, Equinox has been deeply involved in designing and producing enterprise solutions for the electric utility industry. Our experienced team is capable in solving any problem this industry has thrown at us, with confidence and expertise, and all the while doing so effectively in both time and cost. During all of our 30 years in existence, Equinox has been establishing a strong and positive relationship with our customers in North America, bringing custom software solutions carefully and creatively crafted to meet their needs.

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Software solutions crafted for your needs.

Equinox's flagship product, CROW, is a configurable and comprehensive multi-platform software solution for electric outage management and logging. With greatest flexibility, CROW establishes new industry standards in outage and logging management. Fully featured cross-platform CROW clients enable an easy device-independent cost-effective workflow. CROW's intuitive, user-friendly and highly configurable user interface simplifies learning and streamlines work procedures. A powerful cross-device notification system ensures that team members, market participants and asset owners are fully aware of any changes in planned or forced outage statuses.

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